Back when I was young, there is nothing I wanted but to grow up and to wear my own training bras. For me, growing up meant I would be able to wear the kind of hairstyle that I like, wear the clothes I want to wear and also to finally wear a bra! But being the nine-year-old girl that I was, wearing a brassiere would be funny and inappropriate. But then I learned that I could still wear a brassiere even at nine years old!

For you tween girls, who do not know what I am talking about, better read up. For those who did know and have experienced wearing that cute and comfy pre-brassiere underwear read below and look back!


Use Of Training Bras

These are customized for girls who are on their way to their teenage years. They do not train breasts; rather they train the tween-aged girls into wearing these, in order to prepare them into wearing lady grown-up brassieres in the future. Before wearing a training bra, I used to wear only a sleeveless top with no support for the soft breast bump and the nipple. Most often, the support is not enough. But a training bra can give gentle support that is not too abrasive.


Form Of Training Bras

In form, these bras can be comparable to a sleeveless shirt, but with a cup for both breasts. A training bra is sometimes called a “baby bra”. Baby bras are can also be attached into a camisole. Although they give out considerable support, they are not too restrictive because they are constructed loose, with a lot of room to move about. A training brassiere history can be traced with the corset of the 18000’s and as time has passed, training brassieres or bralettes become more and more customized to fit young women.



Back then; I enjoyed wearing a training brassiere because of the materials used to create one. What I loved is the soft and smooth cotton that feels so comfortable on the skin and on my mounds. They offer support but at the same time, leave the breasts with the feeling of freshness.

There are other materials used such as elastic cloth, lycra and the like.  But it best that you choose the kind of bralette material that you feel most comfortable with.



Training BrasThere are a number of styles to try for your training bra. Some colors that are commonly used for these types of underwear are white, nude and black. But for tween girls, a very light shade of white and nude are often the most popular. These types of bras have perfectly fit cups available in small, medium and large.

While many of you wonder why a girl in her pre-teen years should wear a training brassiere instead of wearing a crop top or an ordinary tank top, this is because, training bras are used to be able to help shape a young woman’s budding breasts, so that in the long run, her breasts won’t sag as she continuously transitions to her teenage years and then to adulthood.