A few weeks ago, my daughter told me that all her friends are already wearing training bras. I guess she wanted to wear one too, and since she’s already at the right age I decided to buy her one. We went into a department store and I had a small chitchat with the saleslady, whom have shared to me some tips in choosing a training bra for my daughter. She told me some of the common mistakes that other moms make when they buy brassieres for their little girls for the first time. She’s a bit talkative but well, I learned a lot from her.

In this article, I have summarized the things I learned in our short talk. Hopefully, these would be able to help you to not to make wrong choices in buying your dear daughter’s first brassieres.


Making Wrong Measurements

Avoid making the wrong measurements, as you may end up buying the wrong brassiere that does not fit well to your daughter. If you do not know how to get the proper measurements, ask for assistance from the store personnel. You can also search the internet for a step by step procedure. But when you do, be sure to follow instructions properly. Do not measure the frame size too tight, but not too loose. And when measuring for the cup size, measure the fullest part of the breast. If the girl’s breast is big, she should be wearing a bra while doing the measurements.


Choosing Inappropriate Kinds Of Bras

Sometimes, our kids might get too excited to wear a bra that they would want to try different types already. They might insist to wear brassieres with underwire, push-up bras, and even those with laces. However, you should not let them do that until they are able to adjust to wearing a training bra. They would just feel discomfort wearing those because they should be “trained” first with a beginner’s bra. You can allow them to wear such types of bra when they are old enough and their breasts are already fully developed.


Buying Too Many Training Bras Immediately

As a parent, you could be excited as well with the changes that your growing child is encountering. Especially when you enter a store and there are a lot of nice teen bras that you think would look good on your daughter. But then, you should refrain from buying too many starters’ bras; buy one at a time. Remember that your child is growing fast and those bras would just go to waste if she will not be able to use them all. Purchase a few pieces for the meantime and you will see that you will have to buy new ones again after a few months.


Buying First Time Training Bras Online

Training BrasIn some cases, young girls might be too conscious to go to the mall and buy their first bra. If she suggests you to buy online, insist that you should go into a store. Although there are many choices online, you will not be able to fit it until it arrives. It is best to buy in stores for first-time bra users because you can wear it there and select other training bras if it does not fit well.