The sizes of training bras are different from the standard sizes of typical adult bras. You probably do not remember how to get bra size, as you get accustomed to the size that you frequently buy. But to refresh your mind and to help your daughter find the right size for her, follow my tips in proper brassiere measurement.


Understanding The Correct Parts To Be Measured

Sometimes, people get confused when doing the measurements. They either interchange the measurement of body parts or they measure it too tight or too loose. To help you out, I will define here the correct parts to be measured.

The frame is the area below or under your breast. To get the frame size, you have to place the tape measure around your rib cage, on its upper part below the breast. Write your measurements on a piece of paper.

The breast size can be measured by placing the tape measure on top of the breast; in the middle and fullest part. Be sure to measure it properly; again, not too tight, and not too loose. If the breast is big, ask your daughter to wear a bra while doing the measurement.


Measuring And Doing Some Math

Now let us go with the measurements. As you now understood what parts should be exactly measured, you should be ready to take the measurements now. First, get the frame size. Add the size you get to 5. If the resulting number is odd, select the nearest even number to it. For example, the frame size is 20. Add 5 to it, which will result to 25. It is an odd number so choose 26, which is the nearest even number to 25. That will be your frame size.

Now measure the breast size. For example, the size is 28. Subtract this number to the frame size, which are 25. The difference will determine the cup size. Cup sizes have corresponding letters: AA, A, B, C, D, and so on. If the difference is 0 to ½ inch, the cup size is AA; ½ inch to 1 inch difference has a size A cup; 1 to 2 ½ inches is equivalent to cup B; while 2 ½ to 3 ½ difference is cup C. Therefore, for the example I showed you, the size of the teen bra will be 28 B.


Adjusting Training Bras

When fitting brassieres, do not forget that they are also adjustable. Try to adjust the back if the fit around your body is tight. It has several hooks to help you loosen it a bit. If the cup looks crumpled and it seems like it does not fit well on the front part of the breast, adjust the straps. But when doing adjustments, be sure that the back part of the bra is still in line with the front part. It could be pulled upwards if you adjust it too much.


Checking Out Various Brands Of Training Bras

Training BrasIf your little girl is still uncomfortable with the fit of your chosen bra, try out other brands. Different brands also differ in sizes. Most malls offer two or more brands so you can try them out. Training bras may also differ in cost, materials, and other factors so consider these too.