When I was a teen, I used to wear training bras too. I cannot forget the feeling of both excitement and fear mixing inside me when I was buying my first bra. Well, my mom was there and she helped me choose a training bra. During that time, I do not have any idea what size should I buy; I honestly don’t know anything about brassieres! Good thing she was there to help me.

Compared to my experience, teens nowadays have more choices when it comes to starter bras. Thus, it is harder for them to choose. If you are a mom of a teenage girl, here is a short guide to help you in choosing a beginner’s bra for them. Hopefully, you could be with them as they buy their first starter bra, just as my mom has been there for me. Anyway, here are my tips for you:


Finding The Right Size Of Their Training Bras

To get the size of a brassiere, get the frame size by measuring the area under the breast, around the rib cage. Then, measure the breast itself on the fullest part. Take note of these measurements as these will determine the size of her starter bra. Add 5 to the frame size, if the result is odd choose the nearest even number to it. For instance, her frame size is 22. Add 5, so it will result to 27. Since it is an odd number, you will choose 28. Afterwards, get the difference of the frame size and the breast size. The result will be the cup size, which corresponds to letters. A difference of 0 to ½ inch will result to a cup size of AA; ½ inch to 1 is size A; 1 inch to 2 ½ is size B, and so on. Most starter bras are available from sizes AA, B, C, and D.

That is the simplest way to get the size of a bra. You can use it if you are measuring at home. But when buying in stores, they would be glad to assist you in finding appropriate bra sizes for your daughter.


Get Designs And Styles That Suit Their Age

Unlike adult bras that has intricate designs and laces, a beginner’s bra must be simple and comfortable to wear. Remember that it is the first time of your daughter, so do not let her have uncomfortable and bad experiences. While she is still not used to a starter bra, do not force her to wear a bra with an underwire; or those with multiple straps and laces. Begin with a basic bra, as it is something she will be comfortable to use everyday. Light-colored bras also suit her age and it will not be noticeable under school uniforms.


Choose Training Bras That They Are Comfortable With

If you happen to buy the wrong size of brassiere, what do you think might happen? Yes, your little girl will not be comfortable with it. It might sag and the strap could fall off her shoulders; or it could be too tight and the strap could dig deep in her sensitive skin. Though brassieres are adjustable, there are still appropriate sizes for them. Do the steps mentioned above to get appropriate sizes. Also, buy bras made of cotton; avoid those that are full of laces which could irritate her skin. She could use lacey bras when she grow older and used to wearing brassieres.


Select One That Provides Adequate Support

Training BrasTeens are often involved in several activities like jumping, running, hiking, etc. Thus, the chosen brassiere should provide them adequate support. In case your child’s breast is bigger, you can get her a sports bra instead of training bras.