Preteen or tween girls who are experiencing changes in their bodies are often caught wearing sleeveless tank tops and are feeling painfully uncomfortable rather than wearing training bras. However, for teenage girls out there, you should not fret, because a training bra is readily available in the market, assuming your parents let you have one. Parents hesitate in crossing that bridge and this is because some parents think that getting a training bra for their tween girl is a sign that their daughter is on their way to adulthood.


Before Getting Training Bras

Bras vary in sizes.  Some are small, medium and large. While others have cup sizes that range from A to B. Tweens who want to start wearing bras must realize that embracing puberty is a departure to her childhood. Even if she is still playing with her dolls or acting like a child, her body is telling another story. That’s why parents want to take time before deciding if a girl is ready to wear a training bra because they feel that they may be rushing their daughter to grow up.


Peer Pressure And Training Bras

While some girls really do need to wear a training bra, some girls however, insist on wearing bras just for the sake of wearing them mainly because of the influence of the people in their environment particularly their peers. This is because girls in this age often compare themselves to other girls. They simply want to fit in into the cool or popular group. For parents, before giving in, make sure that getting your tween girl a training bra is important, otherwise, they will just give in to peer pressure. This won’t promote a good attitude towards the pre-teen girl and thus they may harbor a case of low self-esteem.


Parental Conflict

Conflict between a girl and her parents may arise when parents refuse to allow them to get a training bra. This is because some parents may believe that such bras are not yet necessary for their young daughters. That is why parents should learn how to talk to their daughters about this without sounding too restrictive and judgmental. It is important that parents understand that these kinds of situations do happen in high school.



Training BrasTo be able to avoid such conflict between the parents and their tween daughters, there should be compromise. More often than not, a good heart to heart talk with a parent should solve any kind of misunderstanding between parents and her daughter. Both parties should realize the importance of what the other person is saying. For parents, they should understand that girls nowadays grow up faster than before. That is why tweens must be able to wear the right support for their growing parts. Tween girls should also assure their parents that they would act their age.

There are many things to consider before a parent buys her tween daughter her clothes and intimates such as her first training bra. Parents should learn to realize that their daughter is not a child anymore but on her way to adulthood. However, the daughter must realize that she is not a child anymore but not yet a woman in order to wear training bras.