It sounds rather far-fetched, but yes there is a link between training bras and a healthy body image of pre-teen girls. Pre-teen or “tween” girls who are experiencing changes in their body are sometimes too afraid to realize that they are already on their way to puberty. Aside from this, their perception and body image are also heavily influenced by various factors in our society. I’m sure girls will agree when I say that most often, there came a point when we hated our bodies, when we wished that our bodies are better looking, or at least fit the kind of standard we are accustomed to. Who are such people who affect every teen’s body image? Read below.


Parents And Training Bras

Believe it or not, parents can sometimes contribute to the body image of a tween girl. The have a set of standards they have followed back when they were younger and hey cannot help but share and follow what they have experienced back then to their tween daughters. And yes, this can affect some girls. For example, some parents say that they did not even wear bras for training back in the day. Their experiences inadvertently affect the way they deal with the changes in society. A young tween shares that sometimes, she has to prove to her parents that wearing clothes or things like bras are a necessity rather than a whim.


Peers And Training Bras

Tween girls nowadays find it very important to be accepted by their peers, meaning the girls their age. While this is hardly news, but nowadays, girls have a new way of imposing what is cool and what is not cool. For example some girls who are not wearing training bras can be sometimes laughed or even bullied for having developed bodies faster than the other girls. Sometimes the case can be the other way around, where those who develop changes in their body slower than the rest are being discriminated.



It is an undeniable fact that high school is one of the happiest experiences in a person’s life because this is the time when a girl notices boys and experiences her first love. Often times, the perception of the pre-teen and teen girl’s body depends very greatly to the way she is seen by the boys in her school. Boys for example can get fixated with the girl’s breast size, ranking the one with the biggest size as most desirable. This influences the girl’s desire to wear a training bra as early as possible even if her body doesn’t need it yet, just to give out the impression that her body is developing.



Training BrasLastly, we cannot discount the influence of media that further fuels the perception of what is desirable. A girl’s peers and the boys she encounters are influenced by the fashion, the celebrities that they are seeing in the magazines, movies and TV shows. Some of these media platforms sexualize young girls early in life as they show movies photos and TV programs with young tween girls wearing bras that contour the body in an adult way.

These tween girls wear bras and training bras way too early to be able to become more beautiful in order to be accepted, but what they need to know is to be more confident about themselves whatever size the have.