Do you think your little girl is now ready for training bras? Also known as beginner’s bra, starter’s bra, and teen bras, these are brassieres that are used by girls when their breasts are starting to develop. When I was young, I kept asking my mom why I need to wear a beginner’s bra. She would only tell me that I need to, but well she would not tell me why. It was when I was older that I understood why I needed it. And I will share to you those reasons in this article. If you are a teen, you will then know the advantages of wearing teen bras. If you are a mother, you will understand why your daughter needs it.


Training Bras Are Worn Due To Physical Changes In A Young Girl’s Body

Basically, the physical changes in a girl’s chest or bust is the reason why you will need to wear starter bras. As its shape begins to change, it becomes more noticeable. Thus, using a brassiere will help to cover the breast and make it less visible under her clothes. Enlargement of breast in teens often occur in ages 8 to 12 years old, however it varies from one individual to another. If I remember correctly, I started to wear teen bras when I was 10 years old. Observe your child carefully to know if she needs to wear a starter bra now. You can also ask her pediatrician about this, as she knows the development of your child.


It Helps Them Gain Confidence

When girls begin to wear training brassieres, they feel confident and somehow more mature. They become less conscious and their self-esteem is developed at the same time. In some cases when a girl is a late bloomer (and does not wear a starter bra) she might feel isolated in her group. Thus, allowing her to wear a training bra like her peers might give her a feeling of belongingness and acceptance. Besides, there is no harm in allowing her to wear one. It will help her body to get used to wearing brassieres.


Training Bras Improves Posture

When wearing a brassiere, it might sag when you do not sit or stand straight. Thus, you would often want to maintain a good posture to keep the brassiere in its proper place. It somehow gives a restriction, but its hold on your body gives you a pull backward that keeps your back straight. This holds true especially with sports bra that tends to compress your body more.


It Provides Flexibility And Support

Training BrasI already mention that it somehow gives you restrictions, but at the same time it provides you with adequate support and allows flexibility. As teenagers are often involved in sports and other activities that require excessive movements, they need to wear a training bra that can support their growing breasts. The breast is made of sensitive tissues, thus protecting it from too much movements is important. That’s what sport bras and training bras do.