For tween girls, wearing an adult bra seems entirely premature because their breasts have not been fully developed yet – and with such predicament, training bras are the answer! This is because an adult full on bra would be entirely difficult and restrictive to wear. While it is easy to buy a training bra at present, but back then was a different story. I used to wear a small crop top under my shirt during my pre-teen years. And only when my mother gave me a small training bra, did I realize the importance of its existence.


What Are Training Bras?

At present, these brassieres are now a common item in a clothing store. This is because more teenage girls develop bodies faster than ever before. Some clothing stores even have these type of bras for children as young as eight years old. Such are padded which give a young girl’s body a silhouette similar to that of an adult. However, this has caused a number of criticisms from people who think that young girls are sexualized at an early age.


History Of Training Bras

The evolution of brassieres started way back in the 18th century, back when ladies wear those painful and restrictive corsets. Corsets do cover the front side of every woman back then and also serve as protection. But as fashion evolves, so are the undergarments. In the 1950’s, production of these bras has become increasingly frequent, because of great demand from the market. Girls purchase such because of the belief that their breasts will sag or will be damaged or hit when they are not wearing such brassieres.


When Can I Get One?

For you tween girls reading this, I am sure you are wondering when will be the right time for you to wear a training bra. Growing up may sound really complicated as many bodily changes happen to us girls. But physically, yes, you will be able to feel a little tenderness in the breast area where the mound of flesh is growing. Without protection the budding breast will chafe against ordinary fabric.  Presently, the right age to wear these types of bras is not certain, since tween girls have different body type and growth from one another. But, usually, tweens age 11-14 can wear these types of bras.


Where Should I One?

Training BrasShould you decide to wear a training bra, all you have to do is ask the opinion of your mother or sister and go to the nearest mall or store. A lot of different brands of such bras are available for you. Just make sure to choose the one that fits you perfectly. If your size belongs to extra large, then it’s probably time to get a normal adult bra because you may need more support.

Getting a training bra may be monumental for some girls because it is the proverbial transition from a child to a teen. Be sure to consult your parents about your questions about your body and about getting the appropriate training bras for you.