When I was young, I can only wish to own my very own set of training bras. What I got was a small white, cropped camisole type made of cotton. It has loose and soft cups for the breasts layered with soft foam and relaxed elastic. It was an awkward experience wearing that. I felt out of place among my classmates who were wearing some sort of bralette. So I promised myself that when I have my own daughter, I will help her try to guide her every milestone and find her the perfect training bra!


Training Bras As Rite Of Passage

When my daughter has just turned eleven, I noticed that her body is developing way faster that I ever expected. She may sit on the floor in an Indian pose, or make goofy faces or act every inch like a child but she is growing up fast. One of the most noticeable changes in her is her growing breasts. One day, she approached me about the changes she is feeling and I heaved a sigh of relief. I told her about getting bras for training. It was a rite of passage for my girl but also for me. I need to accept that my little girl is turning into a young lady day by day.


Bonding Moments Through Training Bras

Since we are both women, she knows that it is only I who can understand about the changes in her body.  The first time we went shopping for bras, she was painfully awkward but I told her that this change is inevitable. Since then, I frequently bring her with me in a day of some girly shopping. Shopping for her intimates has just become an addition to our list of bonding events – like going to the spa, watching the latest on the silverscreen or baking.


Building Her Self-Esteem

Since then, she never hesitated in opening up to me. She asks me questions, may it be about her training bra or about crushes, and I answer them the best way that I can. I never noticed my daughter battling with her self esteem, maybe because I was there for her, guiding her all the way. I read somewhere that making a young girl understand her road to puberty will do wonders to her self-esteem. And I am glad that I helped mold her into a confident young lady.


Deeper And Closer Relationship

Training BrasFrom then on, I became my daughter’s number one confidant. I guess this is what they call a “girl thing”. She frequently tells me that she is blessed with having me guide her every step of the way. She has sought no one’s opinion but mine and I always strive to guide her from her first training bra, to her first heartbreak.

I am always committed to make my daughter experience every important stage of her life as a young girl on her way to becoming a woman. I wanted to be the best mother that she can ever have. I was there for her when she learned to walk and speak, but what was funny yet achingly true was that what started our great relationship was when I started buying her training bras!