Before girls become women and are allowed to wear a bra, they are given training bras first. I remember back then, I hated the thought of wearing a bra. I feel like no one’s going to notice anyway. I was such a tomboy! But when my chests started becoming bigger and hiding them without a bra was no longer an option, my mom decided to force a training bra to me. It was very uncomfortable since I am not used to wearing one but it was definitely needed. It kept my bumps protected and more presentable than if I didn’t wear one at all. Eventually, every girl gets used to it.


What Are Training Bras?

As a little girl, who barely knows anything about bras, I often wondered what a training bra really is. Is there any difference with a regular bra? When should girls be allowed to start wearing one? These are just some of the questions that I always thought of, and you might as well be thinking the same things. So, what is a training bra anyway? These are bras specifically made for young girls who are already starting to develop their breast size but are still too small for a regular bra. It has often been deemed as important to let a young girl start wearing one when the need arises so the breasts form in a better way and to keep it protected as well. But even if you are still young and you find your breasts bigger than would fit a training bra, getting a regular one is not harmful at all. And besides, that is where you will fit so I don’t see the need to squeeze your breasts in a training bra if it wouldn’t even fit.


When Should Girls Start Wearing Training Bras?

As aforementioned, there really is no specific age, time and date as to when a girl should start wearing one. Once you see your chests starting to develop already, it is best that you start wearing a training bra already. Some people actually even skip this step and go directly to a full-size bra. Some people are gifted with having bigger chests and faster chest size development than other girls, which is why fitting into a training bra might be difficult. It is definitely okay to go directly to a regular bra if you can’t fit in a training bra anymore.


Importance Of Wearing A Training Bra

Scientifically speaking, wearing a training bra is important. When the breasts start to form and there is nothing to support it, the breasts can sag and lose its perkiness even at a young age. This is why it is important to wear a training bra when the need arises: to keep its shape and prevent from sagging. Another reason is for protection. A training bra helps protect the breast from being hurt due to external situations. It also prevents from hurting when you do intense movements such as when you are working out or exercising.


Bras For Young Girls

Training BrasAs young as you are, wearing a bra is already important to keep your breasts from sagging and from hurting due to intense movements. This is why wearing training bras are important even as young as you are.